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[Large Type]Hot Air Circulation Oven for Trolley/ Racks
Product Description

1. Air blows horizontally from both left/right sides, the blowing strength is controlled by inverter.
2. The USU430# stainless steel or SS41# steel with heatproof painting are optional for the interior structure. The exterior is
    constructed by SS41# steel with painting.
3. Air blowing:Use long shaft blow motor with multi-blade fan.
4. Heating: Use European heating elements with ceramic heater.
5. Insulation:Use Japanese rock fiber for the  luxury replica watches UK six-side insulation. The door is sealed up by the eco-silica gel.
6. Temperature control: PID temperature controller with SSR to control the oven temperature. The oven temperature will keep
    constant when reaching setting .
7. Safety: With over-temperature protection, heater overload protection, motor overload protection for the oven.

Internal size (W*D*H) (cm)
142 x 245 x 160
158 x 275 x 160
420 x 165 x 160
External size (W*D*H) (cm)
200 x 266 x 240
216 x 296 x 240
467 x 196 x 243
Temperature range
50 ~ 200oC
50 ~ 200oC
50 ~ 200oC
Power consumption


Suitable for drying films, metal parts and electric products.